Expierence in long term co-operate work with quarries from Europe


 TR-Stone natural stone is your partner for the stone sources in Europe. Our passion are the world of stones and we are highly expierenced in the quarry side work. TR-Stone natural stone is excellent networked and known as the responsible partner for both : Customers and Suppliers.

TR-Stone natural stone guides all together between the needs and the have. We connect your project with the source.

Not more and not less !  

From block to project

Jura Marble

TR-Stone natural stone makes no advertising for its work. So you found us by hearing about our work, by getting a tipp or personal research.
We are often recommend !

Azul Platino

TR-Stone natural stone works together with the quarries as raw material sources. Our friendships are strong and we are involve the structure of our partners and we are involve in.

Azul Macaubas

TR-Stone natural stone combinates the most effective ways to produce your project. The hand on the raw material source is your advantage.
Our experiences a plus.


TR-Stone natural stone prepares ex work fabrication with European standarts.  
TR-Stone natural stone opens you a door into real leading productions.

Got we your interest ?

In any kind of a question or another reason you like to get an answer for, please do not hestitate to contact us.