"The next time we want to present you some myths and legends about stone.
Hope, that someone know other story.
So do not hesitate to tell your legend
or myths to us."

Who are the chicken god?

Hole-stone, lens-stone
An ancient Slavic wisdom brings the chicken power as a protective amulet against evil house spirits. A female housekeeper named "Kikimora".
Someone say after her, she could spins threads, bob, the poultry hinder the egg laying or just brings misfortune. As a protection
a hole with stone or also the knocked neck of a pitcher was suspended.
Holes as a protctive amulet have playes a protective role in the whole of Europe. In Switzerland and in France, they were used
in cow an horse stables as a defense against misfortune.
Is a note that the germanic donner god "Thor" is similar in many respects. Since chickens were sacred to him.

19. Oct. 2016

New from Chinese stone industry:
From 1st, April, stone industry will be levied enviornmental tax by Chinese Government.
Stone product prices will increase significantly.

From 1st April government check strictly on stone transportation. Transport costs will increase significantly.

Under request of government, quarry mining enterprises will pay 3-5 million/Sq.km to clean mine waste
after 1st, April.
Mining costs will increase significantly.

Time to change!
European quarries 
Container sales from worldwide sources.

28 April 2018